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Pre-Assessment of Figurative Language Knowledge

Student Figurative Language Pre-assessment Example

Student Example FL pre asses.png

How can we express our differences through figurative language?

Student Example

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What are the ways that we can express erasure through figurative language?

Students read the underreported story about an Iraqi woman who returned to Iraq after her struggles to assimilate and be accepted by American culture.  Students reflected on the story to identify the consequences of cultural erasure. 

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How can we use our figurative language skills to tell stories that have been erased in the U.S. History to continue on the path of truth and reconciliation and further our commitment to keep learning about marginalized communities?

Students discussed the importance of storytelling and all the ways we can tell stories.  

Students investigated how the poem by Clint Smith tells the story of American history and his use of figurative language. 


Students responses to possible meanings of "wahing their hands": 

Students reflect on their lesson:  "Why you should know about the year 1619 and the lasting impact of slavery"  to create figurative language in response 

fig. lang. 2.png
Fig lang. 1.png

How can figurative language inform us of our history?

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How can we best tell the stories through figurative language?

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